• 06/10/2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online
    • 496

    Join us as SESHRM board members welcome the chapter's newest members and cover the benefits of local and national membership!

    • 06/18/2024
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Hilton Garden Inn Sioux Falls South (5300 S Grand Cir)
    • 255

    Shari Nornes is a Principal Consultant at MorganHR, a boutique compensation consulting firm known for its innovative and comprehensive solutions tailored to enhance compensation practices. With an impressive career spanning three decades, she has developed deep expertise in compensation across a wide range of industries, including pharma, manufacturing, SaaS, and more. Shari's background spans Fortune 500 companies and various organizational sizes, from start-up to global, in both public and non-profit sectors. 

    In this session, Shari will cover the following items: 

    • Pay Transparency and Business Impact
    • Empowering Leaders to Plan for Conversations about Pay
    • Compensation Feedback as a Retention Tool
    • E.N.G.A.G.E
    • Leaders as Change Agents


    • In Person Attendees: Lunch & networking from 11:30 to 12:00
    • Virtual Attendees:  Zoom sign-in at 11:40
    • All Attendees:  
    • Announcements and Speaker Intro at 11:45
    • Presentation 12:00 noon to 1:00pm

    Monthly chapter meetings and HR educational presentations are free for members and $30 for non-members.

    We submit our events for consideration as pre-approved continuing educational credits from SHRM and HRCI (General or Business) when eligible.

    • 06/23/2024
    • 06/26/2024
    • Chicago, IL (and Virtual)

    There is no better place for HR professional development than SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exposition. By attending, you’ll gain the tools and resources you need to implement successful HR practices – which help your company succeed.

    Fresh Perspectives 

    Internationally-renowned speakers that offer fresh points of view and inspiring stories will help shift your perspectives and deepen your understanding of a broad range of HR topics and workplace issues.

    Comprehensive Learning 

    Over 200 concurrent sessions provide a complete education for HR professionals at every stage of their career, based on the SHRM Competency Model. You’ll be able to choose from a broad range of topics so you can customize the learning you need. Concentrate on solutions designed to help your organization become more compliant; delve into the cutting-edge trends that will impact your workplace in the next few years; build a strategic talent management plan to increase engagement and retention. 

    Extraordinary Networking 

    From our vast Exposition to our session-based networking, to the hallways of the convention center, there is ample opportunity for you to meet HR professionals who share your goals and your challenges. Plus, you can take advantage of online networking! Attendees get access to our Conference Community site where you can chat with other attendees and arrange topic-based meetups. We also recommend that you join the conversation on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.  

    Endless Solutions

    The world’s largest HR marketplace, the SHRM Exposition, gives you access to thousands of solutions-providers in every industry. Interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor? Visit for more information.

    Still not convinced that you need to be here? See more in our Why Attend page.
    • 11/04/2024
    • 11/07/2024
    • Denver, CO Metro Area (and Virtual)

    Learn how to encourage, energize, and elevate IE&D initiatives in your workplace

    There’s a reason why the SHRM INCLUSION Conference has sold out. The HR industry has recognized it as a catalyst that brings together an incredibly diverse group of attendees, speakers, thought leaders and solutions providers who all have the same goal:

    • To protect, prioritize and (em)power the workforce to create better workplaces where all employees act with civility, are made to feel as if they belong and have opportunities to thrive.

    Join us for INCLUSION as we press on in our journey… together.

    Multiple Pass Options

    Experience INCLUSION 2024 in-person or virtually. No matter which pass option you choose, you will gain insider’s knowledge, new skills and actionable insights to make a real impact in your workplace.

    Sessions for All Levels

    Leveled learning provides curated content that addresses the IE&D issues you’re most likely to face in your current role, whether you’re a beginner that’s committing to IE&D, and intermediate proactively fostering IE&D or advanced and passionate about elevating IE&D.

    Extend Your Education

    Register for preconference offerings on related topics for even more hands-on, in-depth education. All seminars qualify for additional professional development credits (PDCs) towards SHRM recertification. Additional registration and fee are required.

    Networking with IE&D Community

    The agenda is infused with opportunities to grow your network and form meaningful connections, including access to the INCLUSION Marketplace, where you can meet solution providers offering the latest products and services.

    Content Tracks

    • EQUITY

    There is no better place for HR professional development than SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exposition. By attending, you’ll gain the tools and resources you need to implement successful HR practices – which help your company succeed.

    • 11/11/2024
    • 11/14/2024
    • Orlando, FL (and Virtual)

    Supercharge Your Leadership Journey at WIL

    The Women in Leadership Institute™ (WIL) is the ultimate experience equipping women leaders with actionable strategies to overcome the hurdles they often face in the workplace. This immersive leadership development opportunity accelerates the advancement of women leaders across all levels, industries and roles while providing career-changing networking opportunities and scalable impact for organizations embracing gender equity.

    Why Experience the Women In Leadership Institute

    According to McKinsey & Company's Women in the Workplace Report 2023, women are more ambitious than ever. WIL provides the cutting-edge resources, networking connections and expert support women leaders want–and need–to take their careers to the next level. The Women in Leadership Institute™ meets this unique moment and partners with women leaders on their path to advancement. Attendees benefit from inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions on the topics most impacting women, networking and community, insights from an assessment, and more. Designed for groups of women leaders or individuals from your organization, the Women in Leadership Institute™ is the experience of a lifetime for women leaders and a transformative investment for organizations embracing gender equity.


    Attend WIL Your Way - With Your Team of Women Leaders 

    We know flexibility is more valuable than ever. That’s why we offer a curated selection of ticket types to customize WIL to accommodate your women leaders’ learning styles and fit your organization’s unique needs. Maximize impact across your organization and access special discounts when you send a team of 5+ women leaders.

    Now is the time to blaze a path forward for women in the workplace. Multiply the impact of the Women in Leadership Institute™ by sending a cohort of leaders from your organization to unlock additional savings. Purchase 5+ tickets to unlock special group pricing for your team of women leaders.

Past events

05/20/2024 May 2024 Chapter Meeting: BASK in Your HR Expertise! by Trudy Billion (sponsored by Helpline)
04/30/2024 2024 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/16/2024 April 2024 Chapter Meeting: Coaching to Unleash Potential with Jackie Payne (sponsored by Plan Sponsor Roundtable)
04/14/2024 2024 SHRM Talent Conference & Expo
03/26/2024 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Employee Experience
03/26/2024 Spring Conference 2024 - Mastering Confidence: Science-Backed Strategies for Success
02/27/2024 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Networking Tips and Tricks
02/20/2024 February 2024 Chapter Meeting: Leveraging the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Julie Younkin
02/05/2024 Q1, 2024 New Member Orientation
01/16/2024 January 2024 Half-day Workshop - Winning the War for Talent with Chris Czarnik
12/12/2023 December 2023 Holiday Social (sponsored by Short Staffed, Inc)
11/21/2023 November 2023 Chapter Meeting: The Role of HR in a Healthy Business Culture
10/24/2023 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Tough Conversations
10/17/2023 October 2023 Chapter Meeting: Disability Etiquette and Service Animals (sponsored by Employment Disability Resources)
10/10/2023 Q4, 2023 New Member Orientation
09/25/2023 September 2023 Workshop: Cultivating Inclusivity and Belonging in the Workplace
09/19/2023 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Information Night
09/19/2023 September 2023 Chapter Meeting: Understanding Inclusivity and Belonging in the Workplace (sponsored by WIN in Workforce Summit)
08/15/2023 August 2023 Chapter Meeting: Workplace Ethics - It is Everyone's Business (sponsored by WIN in Workforce Summit)
07/18/2023 July 2023 Chapter Meeting: What is ChatGPT? Tips and Tricks for Staying Ahead of the Curve (sponsored by Plan Sponsor Roundtable)
06/20/2023 June 2023 Chapter Meeting: Legal Update from Woods Fuller (sponsored by VOLT)
06/11/2023 2023 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
05/16/2023 May 2023 Chapter Meeting: The Employee Experience (EX) - Build a People-First Workplace Using Data
05/03/2023 2023 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/19/2023 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Summer Send-off
04/18/2023 April 2023 Chapter Meeting: How to stay competitive and compliant with your 401(k)
03/28/2023 Spring Conference 2023 - Leading Imperfectly: Learning to Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Others
03/15/2023 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Interview Preparation
03/13/2023 Q1, 2023 New Member Orientation
02/21/2023 February 2023 Chapter Meeting: Embracing Differences in the Workplace with Mike Henke (sponsored by Pathways to Inclusive & Equitable Workplaces)
01/16/2023 January 2023 Half day workshop - Becoming the Hero of Your Organization's Story with Larry Young
12/06/2022 December 2022 Holiday Social
11/21/2022 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Total Rewards Overview
11/08/2022 November 2022 Chapter Meeting: HR Oopsies—a discussion of common HR mistakes and how to address them
10/19/2022 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Tips for Networking Event
10/11/2022 October 2022 Chapter Mtg: Drug Testing 101 & Legal Update in the Uncertainty of Marijuana Legislation (sponsored by Multikrd)
09/28/2022 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Information Night
09/27/2022 Q3, 2022 New Member Orientation
09/20/2022 September 2022 Chapter Meeting: Navigating the Landmines of Work Comp, ADA, and FMLA Panel (sponsored by Business Resource Network)
08/16/2022 August 2022 Chapter Meeting: The Pursuit of Excellence - Resetting Ourselves (sponsored by Sioux Falls Development Foundation)
07/26/2022 Workshop: A New Approach to the Labor Shortage, a Cooperative Workshop
07/19/2022 July 2022 Chapter Meeting: Important Data Points that Drive Successful Hiring
06/21/2022 June 2022 Chapter Meeting: Legal Update
05/17/2022 May 2022 Chapter Meeting: Keeping Your Talent Starts at Home
05/10/2022 Q2, 2022 New Member Orientation
05/04/2022 2022 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/25/2022 SESHRM Mentor Mashup
04/19/2022 April 2022 Chapter Meeting: Then There Were 5 - Generations in the Workplace
04/11/2022 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Internship 101
03/15/2022 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Panel Discussion
03/15/2022 Spring Conference 2022 - Growing Together: Succession Planning & Talent Retention
02/16/2022 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Prepare for Interviews
02/15/2022 February 2022 Chapter Meeting: Build Your Brand
02/01/2022 Q1, 2022 New Member Orientation
01/18/2022 January 2022 Chapter Meeting/half day workshop: Outperform the Norm
12/14/2021 December 2021 Holiday Social
12/01/2021 SoDak SHRM Virtual Presentation Featuring Ben Eubanks
11/16/2021 November 2021 Chapter Meeting: A New Approach to the Labor Shortage
10/19/2021 October 2021 Chapter Meeting: Workplace Investigations
10/12/2021 Southeast South Dakota SHRM Fall Conference
10/04/2021 Q3, 2021 New Member Orientation
09/15/2021 2021 SoDak SHRM State Conference
09/09/2021 2021 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
08/17/2021 August 2021 Chapter Meeting: The New Realities of Employee Wellness and Benefits (sponsored by Business Resource Network)
07/29/2021 SHRM Webcast: “State of Workplace” Panel Discussion
07/20/2021 July 2021 Chapter Meeting: Reinforcing the Basics of Compensation
06/15/2021 June 2021 Chapter Meeting: Legal Update
06/02/2021 Q2, 2021 New Member Orientation
05/25/2021 Special Event - Employment Profiles: Debunking Disability Stereotypes
05/18/2021 Re-Branding HR: Tactical Operator to Strategic Partner (sponsored by Pathways to Inclusive & Equitable Workplaces)
05/18/2021 Special Event - Employment Profiles: Debunking Disability Stereotypes
04/20/2021 What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana in South Dakota (sponsored by Sioux Falls Storm)
04/13/2021 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Interview process, Cover Letter, Resume, and Job Search tips and techniques
03/16/2021 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting
03/16/2021 5 Principles in Supporting Employees During the Pandemic
03/02/2021 Q1, 2021 New Member Orientation
02/16/2021 OSHA Recordkeeping and COVID-19 Overview
01/19/2021 The Prioritized Leader (January 2021 half-day session)
12/15/2020 2020 Holiday Drive Thru
11/18/2020 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Linkedin Presence for Students
11/17/2020 People Analytics: Starting, Maturing, and Beyond
11/10/2020 PATHWAYS - Organizational Strength Comes from Valuing Employees’ Customs, Traditions, and Beliefs
10/27/2020 WIN in Workforce Summit 2020
10/22/2020 SoDak SHRM 2020 Virtual Seminar 3 of 3 - Navigating the New Normal
10/22/2020 Q4, 2020 New Member Orientation
10/15/2020 SoDak SHRM 2020 Virtual Seminar 2 of 3 - Your Employees (and Candidates) Are On Drugs
10/14/2020 SESHRM Student Chapter Meeting: Panel Discussion
10/08/2020 SoDak SHRM 2020 Virtual Seminar 1 of 3 - The Power of Perception
10/06/2020 2020 National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Event
09/17/2020 2020 Fall SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Course
09/16/2020 Courageous Leadership Through Chaos
08/24/2020 2020 Indiana SHRM State Conference
08/18/2020 Creating an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace (Panel)
07/21/2020 Free Speech at Work and on Social Media – What Employers and Employees Need to Know
06/16/2020 Legal Update in the World of COVID-19
05/19/2020 The Human Impact of COVID-19: How Can Human Resources Respond and Support?
04/21/2020 Pre-Employment Medical Testing – Benefits to the Employee and Employer
03/03/2020 LinkedIn Professional Development
02/27/2020 2020 Spring SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Course
02/18/2020 US Department of Labor Updates (sponsored by USD Center for Professional Development)
02/18/2020 Q1, 2020 New Member Orientation
01/21/2020 SESHRM 45th Birthday Luncheon
01/21/2020 Courageous Leadership (January 2020 morning half-day session)
12/17/2019 2019 Holiday Social
11/21/2019 JA Inspire
11/19/2019 Is Your Implicit Bias Impacting Your Hiring Process?
10/16/2019 2019 NDEAM Luncheon
10/16/2019 2019 National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Event
10/08/2019 Feeding South Dakota 2019 Volunteer Opportunity
10/02/2019 2019 SD Safety & Health Conference
09/26/2019 HR Professional Day 2019
09/19/2019 2019 Fall SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Course
09/19/2019 USERRA Training Afternoon Session
09/19/2019 USERRA Training Morning Session
09/17/2019 Optimizing Our Energy
08/22/2019 WIN in Workforce Summit 2019
08/20/2019 Workplace Investigations - Why and When, Internal or External (sponsored by Think 3D Solutions)
08/20/2019 Q3, 2019 New Member Orientation
07/16/2019 The Power of Culture
06/23/2019 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
06/19/2019 2019 South Dakota Work Comp Summit
06/18/2019 Employment Law and Work Comp Updates
05/21/2019 Technology, Culture & the Law: Recruitment and Retention in the Modern Era
05/14/2019 Disrupt HR 3.0
05/08/2019 2019 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/16/2019 Interacting with Individuals with Disabilities in the Workplace (And Other Emerging Employment Issues)
03/26/2019 Applying Emotional Intelligence for Career Success
03/23/2019 2019 North Dakota and South Dakota HR Student Conference
02/28/2019 2019 Spring SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Course
02/19/2019 Top 10 Tips for Combatting FMLA Fraud & Abuse
02/05/2019 SoDak SHRM Legislative Day 2019
01/15/2019 Pursuit of Leadership Greatness/Leading Through Change
12/11/2018 2018 Holiday Social
11/13/2018 Dialed In: What Employers need to know about Telecommuters and Remote Working Arrangements
11/07/2018 Fusion 2.0 Conference
10/23/2018 2018 National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Event
10/03/2018 2018 SD Safety & Health Conference
09/26/2018 HR Professional Day 2018
09/24/2018 The Write Stuff: Resume Writing Tips for HR Professionals
09/20/2018 2018 Fall SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Course
09/12/2018 2018 South Dakota Manufacturers’ Day Summit
09/11/2018 Panel - Worksite Wellness (sponsored by N2Institute)
08/23/2018 WIN in Workforce Summit 2018
08/21/2018 SHRM Workforce Readiness CLA Webcast
08/21/2018 SilverStone Group Strategy Series - FMLA: To Leave or Not To Leave?
08/14/2018 Get Rich Through Relationships (sponsored by Fusion 2.0 Conference)
07/10/2018 Workplace Bullying (sponsored by Short Staffed, Inc)
06/20/2018 2018 South Dakota Work Comp Summit
06/17/2018 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
06/12/2018 2018 Legislative Updates: Impacts on Your Business
05/09/2018 2018 SoDak SHRM State Conference
05/08/2018 Best Practices - Form I-9, Immigration, Anti-Discrimination and Employment & Hiring
04/10/2018 Managing What Happens After a Work-Related Injury
03/27/2018 HR Leadership Lessons from H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D & Strategic HR Leadership in the New Economy
02/22/2018 SoDak SHRM Legislative Day 2018
02/13/2018 Documentation – An Employer’s Best Friend
01/09/2018 Higher Trust and Healthy Conflict: The Foundation for Cultural Transformation and Organizational Success
12/12/2017 2017 Holiday Social
11/14/2017 OSHA Activity in South Dakota - Trends and Updates
10/04/2017 2017 SD Safety & Health Conference
09/26/2017 HR Professional Day 2017
09/12/2017 Employer Branding & Recruiting on Social Media
08/08/2017 Evolving HR from Tactical to Strategic Contribution
07/11/2017 Relationship University for Businesses
06/18/2017 2017 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
06/13/2017 Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: Training for the HR Professional
05/09/2017 Creating a Mentoring Culture
05/03/2017 2017 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/11/2017 Workplace Law Under President Donald Trump: What to Expect
03/28/2017 Solving the People Puzzle: Leadership, Personalities, and High Performance Teams
02/14/2017 Building a Skilled Workforce Through Internships
01/10/2017 Value-Added HR: A Strategic Approach
12/13/2016 2016 Holiday Social
11/08/2016 The Future of HR: Promoting Business Success in a Changing Global Workplace
10/12/2016 Understanding Millennials: Technology & Collaboration Requirements from an HR Perspective
10/06/2016 2016 SD Safety & Health Conference
09/26/2016 HR Professional Day 2016
09/13/2016 U.S. Department of Labor law update - FLSA Exemption Status and DOL Updates
08/09/2016 Sioux Falls Thrive
07/12/2016 Generational Differences in the Workplace
06/19/2016 2016 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
06/14/2016 Leadership for the Next Decade
05/10/2016 Legal Landscape 2016: What Employers Need to Know
04/13/2016 2016 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/12/2016 Does Your Audio Match Your Video? Matching Strategy and Organizational Values
03/29/2016 A Realistic Succession Strategy - Do You Have a Plan? & Long-Term Strategic Solutions for Recruiting and Hiring
02/09/2016 Employee Recruiting and Retention – How Do Your Strategies Stack Up?
01/12/2016 Build Trust, Credibility, and Respect / Team Member Engagement
12/08/2015 2015 Holiday Social
11/10/2015 The What, Why, and How of EAP
10/14/2015 2015 SD Safety & Health Conference
09/29/2015 2015 Workforce Development Conference
09/26/2015 HR Professional Day 2015
09/08/2015 The Longevity Revolution: Challenges and Potential of an Aging Society
08/11/2015 Affordable Care Act: Am I Missing Something?
07/14/2015 2015 Employment Law Updates for the HR Professional
06/28/2015 2015 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
06/09/2015 Tackling the Talent Shortage with Behavioral Assessment Data
05/12/2015 Immigration Audit/Compliance
04/29/2015 2015 SoDak SHRM State Conference
04/14/2015 Functional Job Descriptions
03/24/2015 Onboarding: The Vital Gap Between Hiring & Productivity
02/10/2015 FLSA: 541 Exemption Changes & DOL Updates
01/13/2015 The Energy Bus: 80/20 Rule, The Cloud's Business Impact on HR

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